Midnight Squadron

Website Development Team Leader
January 2011 – Present

Midnight Squadron is a community for gamers from around the world. My relationship with Midnight Squadron began in 2008. In January 2011, I was given the opportunity to take over the day to day website maintenance and development of the organization. Since taking the lead on the site, I have stabilized the website and expanded the reach of our community through the use of various social media outlets.

Over the past two years , I have performed several roles for Midnight Squadron. I supervise and personally make changes and improvements to the site. Additionally, I am in charge of its social media venues (ie. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many others). I write and publish community-wide news such as upcoming events.


  • Streamlined the overall look and feel of our website.
  • Coordinated with variety of service providers to ensure a 98% uptime or better.
  • Developed and maintained a social media presence.
  • Increased community size and activity with improvements to website, effective and innovative uses of social media resources, and online social events planning.
  • Conceptualized, organized, and hosted an annual fundraising event for the children’s hospital charity, Child’s Play. More information about my role in this can be found HERE.
  • Hosted, edited, and released an hour long weekly audio and video podcast on community based interests.