I am fascinated by technology and social media. The way that ideas and thoughts are distributed online through social media and published on websites. I have expanded my learning and skills through hard work and dedication and plan to continue on this course.

I began working on websites at Midnight Squadron in 2008 and in Jan. 2011 the opportunity for me to take over day to day website maintenance and development presented itself. I have strived to both stabilize our website and expand the reach of our community through most social media outlets.

I also develop,oversee, and maintain several other websites, through this site here.

I am also deeply commited to my charity game marathon site www.24hourgameathon.com where I organize and run 24 hour game marathons to raise money for charities.

Currently my main focus is to continue grow my skill set and increase my experience. I am working on several websites at the moment and I am currently continuing my education by perusing a Network Administration degree

If you are interested in contacting me, you can always email me at paul@jarrell.co